Cobra Spotlight- Josh Clay, Men's Golf

Cobra Spotlight- Josh Clay, Men's Golf

The "Cobra Spotlight" is a weekly highlight of a student-athlete at Coker College. Each week we take a different athlete from a different sport and display some facets to get more familiar with them. This week we take a look at Aaron Beebe, Chris Fuga, Sara Allen & Krista Thorpe, members of the men's & women's golf teams.

Name: Josh Clay

Sport: Men’s golf

Hometown: Canton, Ohio

Year: Senior

Major: Business administration with a concentration in sports management

Why did you choose Coker? Coker has had a successful golf program and I have always loved the state of South Carolina.

What is your best memory at Coker (athletic related)? Winning the conference championship my sophomore year.

What is your best memory at Coker (non-athletic related)? Living with my sister off-campus which helped us improve our relationship as brother/sister.

Which athletic team would you play on at Coker other than your own? Men’s basketball

Favorite class: Sport in Society

Favorite professor: Dr. Kenyon

Plans after graduation: Either turn professional in golf, coach basketball or work for a sports organization.

Favorite movie: Gladiator

Favorite type of music: Country

Favorite food: Chicken

Favorite sports team: THE Ohio State Buckeyes

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite TV show: NCIS

Most prized possession: My dog

What is something people may not know about you? I love watching movies. Nothing is better than just relaxing and watching movies all day.

Do you have a nickname? If so, how did you get it? “Mama’s Boy”, I got the nickname when I was little because my mom and I have always been extremely close.

One word that describes you: Honest