Cobra Spotlight- Jasmine Evans, Women's Basketball

Cobra Spotlight- Jasmine Evans, Women's Basketball

The "Cobra Spotlight" is a weekly highlight of a student-athlete at Coker College. Each week we take a different athlete from a different sport and display some facets to get more familiar with them. This week we take a look at Jasmine Evans, a member of the women's basketball team.

Name: Jasmine Evans

Sport: Women’s basketball

Position: Point guard/shooting guard

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology and sociology

Why did you choose Coker? I chose Coker because of the small campus environment. The close-knit community and professor interaction were second-to-none. I love that everyone is hospitable and the professors know you by your name and not a number.

What is your best memory at Coker (athletic related)? My best memory would be our overtime victory against Carson-Newman last season during the SAC-Conference Carolinas Challenge. We had a lot of injured players going into the game, but we fought hard and played great to pick up the win on a buzzer-beater by Hailey Yohn.

What is your best memory at Coker (non-athletic related)? During the Taste of Coker a large group of students came together and just socialized and enjoyed each other’s company. It was really neat to be a part of that moment.

Which athletic team would you play on at Coker other than your own?  Women’s lacrosse 

Favorite class: Psycholinguistics

Favorite professor: Jill Banks

Plans after graduation: I am studying to become a child psychologist, but before I pursue that I would like to play basketball professionally.

Favorite movie: Love and Basketball

Favorite type of music: Gospel

Favorite food: Peanut butter

Favorite sports team: Los Angeles Clippers

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite TV show: Family Guy

Most prized possession: My first teddy bear that my grandmother bought for me as a child. 

What is something people may not know about you? That I have a twin brother and we were born premature.

Do you have a nickname? If so, how did you get it? My nickname is Bun Bun. It was given to me because I apparently have the pigmentation of a Honey Bun.

One word that describes you: Kind