Rain Suspends Tennis Matches Between Coker and Barton

Rain Suspends Tennis Matches Between Coker and Barton

WILSON, N.C.-The Coker College at Barton College men’s and women’s tennis matches at the Barton Tennis Complex was halted during singles play due to inclement weather. The matches will resume play Thursday, April 5 at 3:30 p.m. in singles action with the Cobras leading both matches 3-0 after doubles play.
Men's Match

Singles competition
1. Leonardo Lima (COKERMT) vs. PA Desilets (BARTON) no result
2. Guillermo Aylon (COKERMT) vs. Max Leppert (BARTON) no result
3. Manel Estruga (COKERMT) vs. Renato Mendes (BARTON) no result
4. James Corfield (COKERMT) vs. Jorge Pradilla (BARTON) no result
5. Ricardo Perez (COKERMT) vs. Antoine Massicotte (BARTON) no result
6. Billy Simpson (COKERMT) vs. Eric Simmons (BARTON) no result

Doubles competition
1. Leonardo Lima/Manel Estruga (COKERMT) def. Max Leppert/Renato Mendes (BARTON) 8-4
2. Guillermo Aylon/James Corfield (COKERMT) def. PA Desilets/Antoine Massicotte (BARTON) 8-3
3. Ricardo Perez/Billy Simpson (COKERMT) def. Jorge Pradilla/Eric Simmons (BARTON) 8-4

Women's Match

Singles competition
1. Alyssa Blanchard (COKERWT) vs. Mika Deane (BARTON) no result
2. Cora Berna (COKERWT) vs. Alicia Lasry (BARTON) no result
3. Stephanie Medley (COKERWT) vs. Lindsey Frederick (BARTON) no result
4. Faith Baxley (COKERWT) vs. Caroline Fischer (BARTON) no result
5. Kayla Meermans (COKERWT) vs. Francesca Del Pozo (BARTON) no result
6. Brittanny Yando (COKERWT) vs. Lindsay Toth (BARTON) no result

Doubles competition
1. Alyssa Blanchard/Stephanie Medley (COKERWT) def. Mika Deane/Lindsey Frederick (BARTON) 8-6
2. Cora Berna/Kayla Meermans (COKERWT) def. Alicia Lasry/Caroline Fischer (BARTON) 8-5
3. Faith Baxley/Brittanny Yando (COKERWT) def. Lindsay Toth/Francesca Del Pozo (BARTON) 8-4