Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions that we have had in the past.  The responses given are typical of how we operate at Coker College Athletic Training.  We treat every situation/issue in an individual manner; however, these are general explanations for your information.

1.    Do I have to have a physical before coming to Coker College?

No.  We require each new Student-Athlete to undergo a physical given by our physicians prior to your first season of play at Coker College.

2.    How much are the physicals that you give at Coker College; and can my insurance plan cover it?

Physicals are a fee of $40 and only cash or check will be accepted.  We are sorry, but insurance will not be billed.  Every Student-Athlete will have to have a physical completed.  This is only for NEW Student-Athletes.

3.    I am a returning Student-Athlete.  Is there anything I need to fill out or return to Athletic Training before returning to school?

Yes.  You must complete the “Returning Student-Athlete Packet” which contains information regarding demographics, insurance, as well as some general waivers

4.    If I get hurt while playing sports at Coker College, who’s insurance is billed?

Each Student-Athlete must present proof of primary insurance before being allowed to participate in sports at Coker College.  When a Student-Athlete is injured, they must report their injury to the Athletic Training staff immediately.  If the Student-Athlete incurs medical bills, the Student-Athlete’s personal insurance will be billed primarily.  Once this insurance is billed, Coker College’s athletic insurance will be billed as secondary.

5.    Will I have to pay any bills if I am injured while playing sports at Coker College?

Possibly.  The secondary policy that Coker College has on each Student-Athlete does pay the MAJORITY of the remaining balance.  There are instances where the Student-Athlete may have to pay a minimal balance.

6.    Who is responsible for coordinating benefits between insurance companies and the providers?

It is the Student-Athlete’s responsibility to coordinate benefits between companies and providers.  However, the Athletic Training Staff will help when asked.  It is up to the Student-Athlete to be sure both companies have everything they need so that all bills will be payed.

7.    What if I am an international student-athlete?  Do I have to purchase primary insurance?

Yes.  You must purchase the student plan through school, which will act as your primary insurance.

8.    What do I do if I start getting collection notices about an outstanding insurance bill?

You should contact a member of the Athletic Training staff so that we can help determine why there is still a balance and where the problem (if there is one) lies.

9.    Do you have capable medical coverage in Hartsville?

We have excellent medical care in Hartsville.  The general medical practitioner that we (Coker College Athletic Training) use is Dr. Robert Elder of The Medical Group.  Dr. Elder sees all our sick Student-Athletes as well as every assessed concussion must be cleared through him.  We also work with Hartsville Orthopeadics.  The orthopeadic surgeons there are Dr. Terrance Hassler; Dr. Preshant Dashmani and Dr. Umesh Metkar.  Dr. Metkar is a spine surgeon and Dr. Hassler is a general orthopeadic surgeon and Dr. Preshant Dashmani is an orthopeadic surgeon with two sports medicine fellowships.  We also have a great relationship with many other specialists in Hartsville.  Dr. Dyce, ENT; Dr. Flowers, DDT; Dr. Alexander, optometrist as well as a few general surgeons and OB/GYNs.  If we do not have the specialty in Hartsville, we can get referrals to other physicians in the surrounding area.  Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center is the hospital that we refer all medical procedures too.  The Athletic Training staff is contracted from Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center to Coker College. 

10. What if I want to see my personal physician?

If you want to use your personal physician, that is fine. However, please know that your personal physician may not share medical information with the Athletic Training Staff like the physicians that we have a network with.  This makes it hard for us to give proper medical care.  This also affects insurance in that the Athletic Training Staff can no longer help in the insurance process. 

11. What are the proper procedures when I get injured?

If you become injured while at Coker College, the first person you should inform is your coach.  The second person you should inform is your Athletic Trainer.  Your ATC will evaluate your injury to see if further medical assistance is necessary.  If further medical assistance is necessary, the AT will document that as well as help to acquire an appointment or contact the proper physician.  If you do not see the AT before seeing a physician (except in medical emergencies), you may not be able to file under the Coker College Athletic Policy.  Once a physician diagnoses you, that treating physician must make all clearances for sport.  (We would like to deter anyone from “doctor hopping.”)

12. What happens if I get a concussion?

We are required by the NCAA to have a concussion protocol on hand and to use that protocol.  If you are evaluated by an ATC and it is noted that you have sustained a concussion, our concussion protocol will then be enacted.  Once you are diagnosed with a concussion, you will not be allowed to participate in any sport activity until cleared by Dr. Robert Elder.  (Know that ALL concussions will be cleared by Dr. Elder, even if you see your own personal physician.)Please note, we do not “grade” concussion any longer.  The amount of time a Student-Athlete is out due to a concussion is directly related to the symptoms exhibited as well as the composite scores of the ImPACT neurological exam administered after every concussion.

13. How am I supposed to get to my doctor’s appointments if I don’t have a car while at school?

This is completely your responsibility.  Due to liability issues, the Athletic Training Staff can NOT transport any Student-Athletes to or from any event, or medical appointments.  Our suggestion is to talk to your coach or teammates for their help.

14. If I am prescribed formal Physical Therapy, who do I see?

In the cases where formal Physical Therapy is required, we usually refer to Hartsville Physical Therapy and ask that you see Jimmy.  We have a relationship with Jimmy, so that a continuance of care will be followed from the PT clinic to the Athletic Training Room.

15. I want to tryout for a sports team at Coker College.  What medical information do I need prior to a tryout?

Due to new regulations appointed by the NCAA, Coker College must have on file a copy of your sickle cell status before you can try-out for any sport.  You must also have a physical on file in the Athletic Training office that is dated within 6 months of the tryout or within 6 months of athletic participation and a signed and dated waiver form.  The waiver can be found on the Coker Athletics webpage.  Each of these items must be turned into the Athletic Training office at least 24 hours before your scheduled tryout.