Game Preview: Belmont Abbey  v. Cobras
Game Date: December 2, 2010
Tip-off Scheduled for 5:30 p.m.

Live Webcast:  (Caleb Dunlop – Play by Play, Todd Caughlin – Color)
Live Stats:

HARTSVILLE, S.C. – The Coker Cobras women’s basketball team will look to snap their losing streak Thursday night against the Belmont Abbey Crusaders at home in Timberlake-Lawton Gymnasium. 

Coker is currently 0-5, and lost their last game to Coastal Carolina 25-78.  In Coker’s lone home game this season the Cobras were defeated 61-70 by Morris College.  Both Coker and Belmont Abbey will be looking for their first win of the season.

Coker at Coastal: 25-78 (L)
Coker at Mars Hill: 46-75 (L)

Coker College
Home: 0-1
Away: 0-3
Neutral: 0-1 
2009 vs. Belmont Abbey: 0-2
Avg. points per game (Home): 61

Points: Jasmine Alston (48)
Assists: Megan Thomas (16)
Steals: Jasmine Alston (11), Megan Thomas (11)
FG% (min. 28 attempts): Megan Thomas (44.2)
PPG: Jasmine Alston (9.6)
FT% (min. 6 attempts): Lucy Fish (100)

The Cobras are looking to get an important first win for the season, and also for new head coach Jenny Finora.  Junior Jasmine Alston (Sumter ,SC) has been a pivotal cog for the Cobra offense as she leads the team with 48 points through the Cobras’ first 5 games, and is closely followed by senior Megan Thomas (Cresskill, NJ) who has 41 points.

Turnovers have really hurt the Cobras so far this season and the Cobras will try to cut down on their number of turnovers against Belmont Abbey.

Belmont Abbey
Home: 0-1, 0-1
Away: 0-3
2009 vs. Coker: 2-0
Avg. Points per game (Road): 55.3

Points: Shayla Jackson (16), Melisa Foures (16)
Assists: Candace Fox (11)
Steals: Shayla Jackson (7)
FG% (min. 19 attempts): Melisa Foures (58.3)
PPG: Shayla Jackson (10.5)
FT% (min. 7 attempts): Melisa Foures (87.5)

Senior Shayla Jackson (Knoxville, TN) leads the Crusader offense, last season she had 18 points against Coker in the Timberlake-Lawton Gymnasium.

Tip-off is scheduled for 5:30 pm at the Timberlake-Lawton Gymnasium in Harstville, SC.