Road races are a lot of fun for me because there is no pressure, no expectations and no team to let down. I like using them as a fun way to tempo or just simply run with other people. This past Saturday the Hartsville YMCA hosted a 5k, and of course I had to join in.

A group of local runners were expecting me to run sub twenty minutes, but that is way too fast and there is no need to truly race during the summer. During the 5k every runner I passed I told them to breathe and stick with me and for the most part they were kind of breathing and attempted to stick with me. I like to try and help pull other runners along the way because in the end this race means absolutely nothing to me, but could mean the world to the runner I am passing. It is always easier to run faster when you have someone sharing the pain along side of you. For the first time in awhile, I actually stuck to my plan and ended up finishing in 21:35 which was just enough to win and just enough be soaked from head to toe in sweat.

Sundays are always reserved for my long run and you never know when your own phrase might actually come in handy. I ran ten miles at Lee State Park with the male winner from the 5K who is also entering his last cross country season. We started around nine and it was already 85 degrees and I knew that this was going to be a tough run. We started running at a pretty good pace and then after only four miles it all started going downhill. My legs started to hurt, it was getting hotter and all I could tell myself was to breathe and stick with him. He got me through the run and was okay with the three mini stops and slowing the pace. It was nice to feel what others feel like when they might be struggling with me. I was very happy when that run was over. The next time you’re struggling to get through a run or other workouts just remember to breathe and stick with it. Happy Running!


Mileage Count: 300

Fun fact: If I were to run…
300 miles north: I would end up along the side of High Germany Rd in Helvetia, WV
300 miles south: I would be on Island Harbor Circle in Ponte Verde Beach, FL
300 miles east: I would be in the Atlantic Ocean but it would be cool to run on water
300 miles west: I would be in the middle of Chattahoochee National Forest in Kartah, GA