Meet Striker the Cobra

"Striker" the Cobra

In 1973, Coker College adpoted the Cobra as the school mascot. In 2005, the cobra came to life as Striker the Cobra was born. Since then, the Cobra mascot has rallied fans at hundreds of home games and campus events. Today, Striker can be seen at events all around the city of Hartsville and Darlingotn County. Striker the Cobra is available for appearances at company functions, parades and various other community events. Striker is an exciting addition to any gathering, offering handshakes and high-fives and posing for photographs. If you would like to request Striker at one of your events please fill out the Striker the Cobra Appearance Form. If you have any further questions, please contact Ali Nelson at

Striker the Cobra Quick Facts

Name: Striker
Date of Birth: Spring 2005
Birthplace:  Black Creek Swamp, Kalmia Gardens
Education:  Coker College, of course
Height: About 7 feet tall in shoes (give or take a few inches)
Weight: none of your businesssssss
Position: striker, of course
Favorite Snack: anything from the SAC that get'ssss in my way
Favorite Book: The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
Favorite Movie: COBRA ssstarring Ssssylvester Sssstallone
Favorite CD: The Lion and the Cobra by Ssssinead O'Connor
Favorite Car: Sssshelby Cobra