Last weekend the cross country team experienced its first disappointment of the season. We were not satisfied with the outcome of the race at the Citadel. We felt that we were putting in a lot of hard work and it just did not come together for us on that morning. The effort was there but the times did not match it.

This is the hard part about our sport, no matter how hard you train or how fast your splits are in practice; every race will not be a good race. Races like these keep us humble and on the edge to want to improve even more. We are unlike any other sport out there, we can't take breaks, we can't regroup and there is no time to come up with a better game plan. Once that gun goes off, that's it; we have one chance to make something happen. The uncertainty is what we love about our sport, it teaches us to be patient and trust in our training. We have to continue to believe that the hard work will pay off.

This weekend we will take on even tougher competition at the Disney World Classic. There will be three hundred or more runners on the line making this the biggest races we will enter this year. We've had a week off from racing so we are hoping it will help us improve and finally have that breakthrough race we have all been waiting for. The course at Disney is flat but there is a good half mile or so that is pure sand, but we are ready to take it on. After all, Disney World is where "dreams come true", so we are hoping that quite of few of them will come true this Saturday morning. Thanks for reading and as always, happy running!

Your running enthusiast,

Kendyl Seawright