Cobra Club- Captains Circle

Individuals who made a Cobra Club

Contribution of $100 to $249

Dr. and Mrs. T. J. Bell, Jr.                                                           

Dr. V. Glenn Chappell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Celek                                          

Dr. Cathleen Cuppett      

Ms. Nancy A. Edinger                             

Mr. and Mrs. William Gaskins

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hassman                                         

Mr. and Mrs. W. Kennerty

Mr. and Mrs. D. Leatherwood                                     

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Legge

Mr. Brad Levitan                                                              

Mr. and Mrs. H. McElveen

Mr. Steve McElveen    

Mr. and Mrs. Eddy Mens                                                   

Mr. Tyler J. Micek             

Mr. and Mrs. D.  Moore                                                 

Mr. Darryl Morris

Mr. Michael Morris                                                          

Mr. Scott Nader

Mr. Russell Norwood                                                      

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Puffer

Miss Rebecca Rountree                                                 

Dr. and Mrs. Joe Rubenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Schmotzer                                      

Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Spivey       

Mr. and Mrs. M. Vento                                                  

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Walker

Mr. Kurt Wall
Mr. and Mrs. Cy Wainwright