Marciano Taking Lacrosse to a New Level

Marciano Taking Lacrosse to a New Level

HARTSVILLE, S.C. – For Steve Marciano, it seems as though his motto has always been "Why not?"

Upon arrival to Coker College as a junior college transfer, he knew he was embarking on a first-year program when he was recruited to play lacrosse. Marciano capitalized on the opportunity to create history at Coker when he scored the program's first goal on Feb. 10, 2012.

Now, a year later, Marciano, a senior business administration major, has taken advantage of more than just the athletic opportunity. In addition to lacrosse, Marciano is a member of the award-winning Enactus team and recently studied abroad in Brazil for a semester. With his experiences at Coker he has bigger plans to implement lacrosse into his future. After his abroad experience, Marciano noticed how the sport had not yet made it to Brazil.

"Enactus has given me the business and leadership skills I will need when I go back to Brazil after graduation," he said.

Currently, South America has three competitive teams in lacrosse: Argentina, Costa Rica and Peru. While Marciano was studying abroad, he made the contacts he needed in order to introduce competitive lacrosse in Brazil.

"This opportunity would be great for Brazil, and ideally I'd like to see it get large enough to make it to a world championship," he said.

Marciano is on track to graduate in December, and he plans to go back to Brazil and pick up where he left off with his business plan of implementing lacrosse throughout the country.

"There are so many opportunities available for people with the addition of lacrosse," Marciano said. "It opens up a whole new playing field, and I know Brazil could benefit from its competition."

When asked what brought this about and why he wanted to do this, Marciano simply replied, "Why not?" His motivation and drive comes from a ceaseless desire to try new things and continue filling the voids in areas that have not yet been explored.

Marciano's optimistic attitude, drive to succeed and genuine interest in benefitting others are just a few characteristics that explain why he is creating history everywhere he goes.

Story and video by marketing and communications intern Jennifer Sanborn, class of '13.