Esports Prevails over Boston University and George Mason in Overwatch Play

Esports Prevails over Boston University and George Mason in Overwatch Play

HARTSVILLE, S.C. - The Coker College esports team prevailed over Boston University 2-0 and George Mason 2-1 in week six of the Overwatch Tespa Preseason on Sunday (Oct. 28) night and improved to 9-3.

The Cobras started off the day against Boston and looked strong on Rialto. Although Coker earned the first two points quickly, they were stopped halfway to the third. Next was Boston's turn to push, but the Cobras held strong and didn't allow them to cap a single point. Next was Oasis, and the first round was extremely close. After Boston advanced to 99%, the Cobras needed to cap in overtime. Luckily, the Navy and Gold were able to win a clutch team fight and hold for the round victory. In the next round, Coker started off strong and captured the first point after a close team fight. The Cobras then won a clean fight with a EMP/Self Destruct combo from Andrew Schick and Dustin Brown. Boston tried to answer, but Madison Schmidt and Michael Ponton sealed the win with a Nanoblade, winning the map and the match.

The next match against George Mason was a nailbiter. The Cobras started off attacking on Eichenwalde, and after 2 minutes they were able to get the first point. However, the Cobras were stopped on the bridge. It was then the Patriots turn to attack and they took the point in similar time as the Cobras. Coker was able to stop the push just short of the goal and won the first map. The second map was Lijiang Tower and George Mason came out swinging, taking the first map by only allowing the Cobras to get 20%.

George Mason perfected their hold in the second map, not allowing Coker a single percentage. The final map was Route 66 and it was the closest of the three by far. The Cobras started off strong, but George Mason forced overtime before Coker capped all three points. The Patriots were then forced to complete the map as well, and after a strong push, the Cobras held long enough at the end to force overtime. This meant that each team had just one minute to push the payload. The Patriots laid out a trap for Coker but they rallied after the set back to push the payload past the first point. Coker was then able to hold off George Mason but they wouldn't lose without a fight. In overtime they won a fight to push them past the first point as well, but the Cobras were able to force them off the payload before they reached the spot Coker pushed to.

The Cobras will return next week with two more matches starting at 8PM. Fans can watch live at