Coker Esports to Host Extra Life Stream to Benefit MUSC Children’s Hospital

Coker Esports to Host Extra Life Stream to Benefit MUSC Children’s Hospital

HARTSVILLE, S.C. - On Saturday (Nov. 3), the Coker College esports team will host an Extra Life stream that lasts for 24 hours. The event is set to begin at 12 PM.

Extra Life is a yearly event where multiple gaming groups stream and collect donations to help out local children's hospitals. This year, the Cobras will be streaming for the MUSC Children's Hospital in Charleston with all proceeds going to the hospital. The link to donate to the MUSC Children's hospital will be posted under the Coker esports stream, at

In addition, the Cobras are partnering up with the Coker College Library to hold a Fortnite challenge where students can come in to play in the gaming space. If Coker students win, Coker esports will make a donation to the extra life event.

Below is the full schedule of events for Saturday:

12:00 PM - Q&A about the esports program.

1:00 PM - Overwatch 1v1 tournament with the esports team.

3:00 PM - League of Legends match against the University of Brunswick

5:00 PM - Library Director Todd Rix and son play Fortnite together

6:00 PM - Fortnite Challenge Starts

10:00 PM - League of Legends 1v1 tournament with esports players

12:00 AM - Party games with esports team

2:00 AM - The team members take turns leading the stream in their main game

11:00 AM - Final Hour

You can join the esports team for the event in the Esports Arena, located on the second floor of LITC or watch live at For additional questions, contact Director of Esports, Joseph Rudy, at