Cobras Sweep Week Two of Tespa Collegiate Championship

Cobras Sweep Week Two of Tespa Collegiate Championship

HARTSVILLE, S.C. - The Coker College Overwatch Team was back in action on Sunday (Jan. 28) for week two of the Tespa Collegiate Championship. After finishing last week with a record of 2-1, the Cobras finished 3-0 this week with wins over Neumont University and University of California - Santa Cruz in their National League matches, and High Point University in their Regional Match.

The First match against Neumont was on Hollywood and Coker started on the defense. Coker was able to hold the point without allowing Neumont to get a single tick. Next up Coker ran a pentatank lineup, forcing themselves onto the point. With their large health pools and Jonathan Gill's healing and speeding them up, Coker was able to take the point and the map. The next map was Ilios, and Coker started the first map by throwing Neumont players off the map. This allowed Coker to take the point and they held onto it for the rest of the round. In the next round Coker once again took the point first, but Neumont was able to take the point back. Neumont was able to hold onto the point for a while but Coker rallied back, holding onto the point until they won the round, the map, and the match.

The next match was against the Santa Cruz Banana Slugs and the match couldn't have been closer. The first map was Eichenwalde and Coker started off on the defense. Coker was able to hold them for a while but Santa Cruz was able to push through all three points with 57 seconds left on the clock. Next Coker had to push through the entire map as well and while they were able to, Santa Cruz forced them into overtime before capping the final point. This meant that the Cobras started the next round with just one minute on the clock, while the banana slugs had just short of 2 minutes on the clock. Coker was able to take the point just as they ran out of time, and after a few very close fights they were able to push halfway to the second point. Next they had to keep Santa Cruz from reaching the same point to win the map, and as Santa Cruz was just short of the point their time ran out forcing it into overtime yet again. After a extremely back and forth fight, Coker was able to push them off the point, ending overtime and winning the map. The next map was Lijiand Tower and the first round was Santa Cruz's revenge. This map was extremely back and forth and every round ended 100% to 99%. Santa Cruz took the first the map in a back and forth match, where the final fight lasted for an eternity. Coker was able to answer back with the second round forcing a third and final round. The third map again was extremely close, but Andrew Schick was able to place the perfect walls as Mei in order to put his opponents in bad spots but also to protect his team. Coker would take the match 2-0 over the banana slugs.

The Final match was the Cobras' second regional game against High Point University, with the first map at Route 66. Coker was able to push through the entire map without the Panthers stopping them, and now it was their turn to defend. The Cobras were able to hold the first point long enough for time to run out, giving them the first map win. Next was Hanamura and Coker needed to attack first again. After some picks they were able to push through the first point and use that momentum to also cap the second point. Next it was up to the panthers to also cap both points, but the Cobra's defense was strong and didn't allow them to cap the first point, leading to a 2-0 Cobra match win.

Coker ended the day 3-0 with a 6-0 map record, which means that Coker is 4-0 in the National League and 1-1 in the Regional League. The Cobras will be returning this Tuesday at 8:00 PM EST for their second Varsity game. You can check out the action at and follow them on twitter at