Coker University ESPORTS Defeats the University of Texas-Dallas

Coker University ESPORTS Defeats the University of Texas-Dallas

The Coker Cobras took on The University of Texas - Dallas in week three of the Tespa Hearthstone Championship on Monday (Sept. 30).

Both teams entered this week at 2-0. UT Dallas brought their Murloc Paladin, Murloc Shaman, and Zoo Warlock, which Coker brought Control Warrior, Highlander Warlock, and Token Druid. This line up favored the Cobras, with only one matchup, Druid versus Warlock, going in favor of UT. The first game Coker decided to bring their Token Druid deck and UT chose their  Murloc Shaman. Coker got early control of the board and was able to land some buffs on their minions. Murloc Shaman does not have a lot of board wipes and UT was forced to use all of theirs early. The Cobras were able to continuously apply pressure and win the first game.

The second matchup was Coker's Control Warrior and UT's Murloc Paladin. The win condition for UT was to continuously apply pressure with low cost minion, and Coker's win condition was to keep the opponent's board empty. Coker was able to continuously destroy UT's side of the board with their use of Warpath and Brawl to win the second game.

The third matchup was Coker's final deck, Highlander Warlock, was up against UT's Murloc Shaman. Highlander, also known as singleton, is a deck that contains no duplicates and relies on powerful cards that need specific conditions. Zephyrs is a card that works only if your deck has no duplicates, and was able to give Coker a card that specifically destroys Murlocs. Woth this early tempo, Coker was able to apply pressure and eventually give Coker the 3-0 match win. 

This win puts Coker at 3-0 and as one of the top 10 schools in the South region. Next week Coker will face off against another top 10 school on Sunday (Oct. 6). Catch the action at 8:00 p.m. by visiting