Coker Defeats Tiffin and Shippensburg, Goes 2-2 at Super Region Two Duals

Coker Defeats Tiffin and Shippensburg, Goes 2-2 at Super Region Two Duals

NEWBERRY, S.C. – The Coker wrestling team went 2-2 at the Super Region Two Duals on Saturday (Jan. 25). The Cobras defeated regionally ranked No. 11 Tiffin 34-15 and they defeated regionally ranked No. 7 Shippensburg 18-17. Their two losses of the day were against nationally ranked No. 11 Indianapolis 34-12 and regionally ranked No. 8 Findlay 24-21.

Coker got off to a phenomenal start in their match against Tiffin as the Cobras earned four consecutive victories at the 125, 133, 141 and 149-pound divisions. Gavin Perkins, Charlie Huff and Walker Barfield each earned pins at 125, 133 and 141, while Kevin Thompson picked up a major decision at 149. Zach Dicus and Shane Carpenter earned a pair of forfeit victories at the 174 and 184-pound divisions, respectively, to give the Cobras the 34-15 win.

In the second match of the day Huff, Alex Green and Austin Akins came out on top against Indianapolis. Huff earned the forfeit victory at the 133-pound division, while Green picked up a 3-2 win at the 197-pound division and Akins got a 7-2 decision at the 285-pound division.

Against Findlay Huff earned his third victory of the day with a 5-3 decision at the 133-pound division. Thompson earned a pin at the 149-pound division, while Carpenter and Robert Parland both picked up decisions at the 184-pound and 197-pound divisions, respectively. Akins closed out the match with a pin at the 285-pound division.

In their final match of the day the Cobras defeated Shippensburg 18-17. Huff continued his hot streak with his fourth consecutive victory of the day, an 8-1 decision at 133. Rashad Cunningham picked up a 3-2 win at the 141-pound division and Dicus earned a forfeit victory at the 174-pound division. Green's narrow 1-0 victory at the 197-pound and Akins' 3-1 win in overtime gave the Cobras the win over Shippensburg.

The Cobras will return to mat on Thursday (Jan. 30) when they travel to Anderson University for a region match at 7 p.m. 

Super Region Two Duals

Coker defeated Tiffin 34-15
125 - Gavin Perkins (Coker) over Kyle Holliday (Tiffin) Fall 4:43
133 - Charlie Huff (Coker) over Adam Green (Tiffin) Fall 2:49
141 - Walker Barfield (Coker) over Kyle Ferguson (Tiffin) Fall 3:56
149 - Kevin Thompson  (Coker) over Samphanh Viengmany (Tiffin) Maj 8-0
157 - Chase Boyd (Tiffin) over Derek Rothermel (Coker) Dec 9-5
165 - Jared Chamber (Tiffin) over Phillip Burrows (Coker) Fall 2:21
174 – Zach Dicus (Coker) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
184 - Shane Carpenter (Coker) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
197 - Kaleb Matchett (Tiffin) over Robert Parland (Coker) Dec 4-2
285 - Garrett Grey (Tiffin) over Austin Akins (Coker) Dec 4-2

Indianapolis defeated Coker 32-12
125 - Alex Johns (Indianapolis) over Mikel Nelson (Coker) Maj 8-0
133 - Charlie Huff (Coker) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
141 - Justin Kieffer (Indianapolis) over Rashad Cunningham (Coker) Fall 4:25
149 - Cameryn Brady (Indianapolis) over Kevin Thompson  (Coker) Maj 11-3
157 - Barry Mcginley (Indianapolis) over Johnathan Dykes (Coker) Dec 4-0
165 - Jeff Weiss (Indianapolis) over Philip Burrows (Coker) Fall 1:10
174 - Shelby Mappes (Indianapolis) over Zach Dicus (Coker) Fall 2:07
184 - Weston Davis (Indianapolis) over Shane Carpenter (Coker) Dec 12-5
197 - Alex Green (Coker) over Jared Boehm (Indianapolis) Dec 3-2
285 - Austin Akins (Coker) over Brian Snyder (Indianapolis) Dec 7-2

Findlay defeated Coker 24-21
125 - Ben Sergent (Findlay) over Gavin Perkins (Coker) Fall 5:56
133 - Charlie Huff (Coker) over Jarad Vanvleet (Findlay) Dec 5-3
141 - Nicholas Skonieczny (Findlay) over Walker Barfield (Coker) Dec 4-3
149 - Kevin Thompson (Coker) over Dalton Nicely (Findlay) Fall 2:40
157 - Jordan Cowell (Findlay) over Derek Rothermel (Coker) Maj 15-5
165 - Bradley Metz (Findlay) over Philip Burrows (Coker) Fall 2:33
174 - Adam Walters (Findlay) over Zach Dicus (Coker) TF 19-3
184 - Shane Carpenter (Coker) over Alec Bissel (Findlay) Dec 9-6
197 - Robert Parland (Coker) over Gerald Beck (Findlay) Dec 7-4
285 - Austin Akins (Coker) over Luke Fleming (Findlay) Fall 2:31

Coker defeated Shippensburg 18-17
125 - David Calambas (Shippensburg) over Mikel Nelson (Coker) Dec 7-1
133 - Charlie Huff (Coker) over Dante Steffenino (Shippensburg) Dec 8-1
141 - Rashad Cunningham (Coker) over Simon Rice (Shippensburg) Dec 3-2
149 - Kyle Barnes (Shippensburg) over Kevin Thompson (Coker) Dec 17-10
157 - Mark Lentz (Shippensburg) over Derek Rothermel (Coker) Dec 5-4
165 - Brett Pastore (Shippensburg) over Philip Burrows (Coker) Dec 4-2
174 - Zach Dicus (Coker) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
184 - Evan Ramos (Shippensburg) over Shane Carpenter (Coker) TF 18-2
197 - Alex Green (Coker) over Casey Hedash (Shippensburg) Dec 1-0
285 - Austin Akins (Coker) over Jacob Nale (Shippensburg) SV-1 3-1