The Coker Cross Country women did it again and repeated a second place finish! We are extremely excited about how well we are performing as a team. It is a great confidence booster for us to keep the “trophy train” going and continue to place together at the top. Not only are we performing well as a team, but individually we are getting faster and when it comes time for the championship segment of our season everyone should have the race of their life.

This past weekend’s race was a bit more challenging because it was a 6k. It can sometimes be difficult to get in a groove because your body is used to pushing through the 5k and when you add the extra thousand meters, the race seems like a lifetime. Considering how early in the season it still is everyone was pleased with how they finished.  All of us pushed outside our comfort zones and really went after it and it paid off well. Everyone on the women’s side turned in 6k personal bests.  The next time we will race a 6k will be at regionals on November 6th so we have plenty of time to improve. We didn’t have our full eight compete this time and hopefully when people heal; we will have even more depth. The women are off to a great start early in the year and I could not be happier with how the season is progressing.

The men had an even tougher weekend; they raced Friday night and Saturday morning. On Friday night they raced a 6k at Claflin and took home the meet title and then the next morning they took on their first 8k of the season. Considering racing the night prior, the men raced pretty well according to their times. 

We face more competition this weekend at the Citadel Invitational and everyone should be pushed. It will be a mixture of Division I and Division II schools in the race and I think that we will be able to hold our own and who knows maybe we will bring back another trophy. We are all very excited and we feel that this is our year to start a new era at Coker in cross country. Continue to show your support because every bit of it is deeply appreciated. And if you are in the area this weekend, swing over to James Island Park in Charleston to catch the exciting cross country action. As always happy running!

Your running enthusiast,

Kendyl Seawright