Coker Cross Country Competes in Eye Opener Invitational

SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- The Coker Cross Country teams finished 20th (men) and 22nd  (women) Friday evening at the Eye Opener Invitational held in Spartanburg, S.C.

Josh Peterson led the way for the Cobra's in the 8k race finishing with a time of 28:37.29 landing 48th place overall.  Tom Sizeland earned a spot in the top 100 as well finishing with a time of 29:59.26.  Dylan Bates followed; posting a time of 30:33.37, while senior Thad Sulek complete the course with a time of 32:58.00.  Freshman Cooper Lyon completed his first collegiate race setting a time of 38:55.21.  Mikey Mazzola captured a time of 39:15.92, and senior Quinn Wenger followed with a time of 40:23.04.  Rounding out the race for Coker was senior Joey Molo earning a time of 40:33.53. 

Sophomore leader Stephanie Shaw placed in the top 100 finishing with a team best 23:17.74 for the women.  Freshman Naomi Watson, and sophomore Kirsten Sanders were not too far behind finishing with times of 24:40.66 and 25:47.83. Lone senior Cristina Vital completed the race with a time of 27:31.23, while Aneka Dixon and Devan Williams completed the race for Coker finishing with times of 29:26.03 and 38:42.99.

The Cobras next meet will be held on Saturday, September 15 at the Winthrop Invitational in Rock Hill, S.C.