Cobras Place 23rd and 27th at Regional Cross Country Meet

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Coker men's and women's cross country teams finished 23rd and 27th at the NCAA DII Southeast Regional meet on Saturday (Nov. 4).  The men's team finished the 10k race with a combined time of 3:13:41.50, while the women earned a time of 2:34:09.50 in the 6k.

Josh Peterson, once again blazed the trail for the Cobras, placing 43rd overall (of 168) and setting a pace of 33:34.1.  Tom Sizeland also had a top-100 finish, earning 76th place with a time of 34:40.1.  Dylan Bates cruised in at a pace of 36:50.2, followed by Thad Sulek at 40:46.6.  Mikey Mazzola and Quinn Wenger rounded out the race for the Cobras and finished side-by-side with identical times of 47:50.5

Naomi Watson finished first for the Cobras in the 6k race, setting a time of 27:01.4.  Stephanie Shaw and Cristina Vital finished back-to-back for Coker with times of 27:25.1 and 27:31.2.  Aneka Dixon and Devan Williams completed the final spots for Coker with times of 32:18.4 and 39:53.4.

The Cobras have wrapped up their final meet of the cross county season.  Quinn Wenger, Thad Sulek and Cristina Vital are the only seniors on both the men's and women's teams, but the rest of the runners will be back and ready for next year's competitions.